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Threadless Holiday Sale is On

Threadless: Geek

Well, we let you know about these things when they happen–especially this time of year–because A) Threadless t-shirts make great gifts and 2) the sales tend to make your favorite shirts go out of stock in a hurry. So get a move on, because shirts are $12 each now.

In addition to shirts like “I Be Au Sm” (pictured), may we also suggest “Attack of Literacy” for you Readers out there, the bloody brilliant Scooby-Doo vs. the zombie apocalypse “We’ve Got Some Work to Do Now,” and the morbid whimsy of Alex Solis’ “Dreams.”

Also…they have kids’ shirts and onesies. Again, great gift ideas where you can avoid buying The Toys That Make The Noise. Good luck.

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