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Our Winners Are Dancing ‘Round the Maypole!

Weeds Season 6 will be providing the munchies for Phillip Eskew of Oregon, Anne Isaacson of Pennyslvania, and Keith James of Florida

Peter Council of Kansas can delve into Mother Earth with Our Planet

Joseph Mallon of Minnesota and Christal Couturier of Indiana will be hanging ten with The Ultimate Wave Tahiti

The Capture of The Green River Killer goes to David Wade of Virginia

Time for some frontier living for Brent Louis of Louisiana who has won Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Seasons 1-3

All Charles Cole of Maryland and Timothy Stesney of Alaska need is The Beatles “Love”

John Compitello of Florida has won a Red Rum T-Shirt

Geneva Nez of Missouri will be moving on up with Highway to Heaven Season 1

Holy SFOP, Batman! Hannah Oliver of New Mexico has won the Sharktopus DVD

The Resident will be soon be residing with Traci Altman of California, Martin Goldberg of New York, and Sharon Child of Arkansas

Congrats to all the winners. Don’t see your name up there? Don’t panic. There are plenty of chances to win. Just a reminder–you can enter up to once a day (but no more than once a day, please) per household. Find our contests here. Our become a fan of our contests on Facebook. And hey: subscribe to our contest feed so you don’t miss a single chance to enter — the day you miss entering might have been Your Day!



  • Two questions.
    1. The contest feed has stopped updating in my RSS reader. I tried resubscribing and still nothing. The regular NeedCoffee feed still works.

    2. Contest link posts pop up on Facebook. Winners list posts don’t. Intentional or not?

  • Louis: Two answers.

    1. You are correct–somehow I think something between WordPress (the new version), compression and Feedburner has gotten hosed. Which makes no sense, because the regular feed, as you point out, still works. I will need to get out the wrench and hammer on it a bit. This is the first I’ve heard of the problem, so thanks for the headsup.

    2. Intentional in that my assumption was that it was sufficient to list them on the site and that the Facebook could serve as an alternate feed for contests alone. But you’re right: makes sense to list them there as well. I will do that going forward. You’re the first person to mention it.

    A pioneer, so you are. Thanks for the headsup, chief.

  • Louis: Thanks for the headsup…apparently the coding changed in the WordPress upgrade and the feed wasn’t going out. Should be fixed now. Thanks again for the headsup.