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The Mary Whitehouse Experience vs. Doctor Who

The Mary Whitehouse Experience

The Mary Whitehouse Experience was a show, first on radio then television, from the BBC. We’re talking mostly the early 90s timeframe. Comprised of David Baddiel, Rob Newman, Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis (Google them…if you watch any British comedy on television, there’s a better than average chance you’ve run across them–especially Hugh Dennis on Mock the Week), it was sketch comedy bits. I ran across this Doctor Who snippet and instantly thought of…well, a good portion of you. Except for Serv, of course. I’ve placed it after the jump for you. Enjoy.

Just a note: sadly, none of their stuff–radio or television–appears to be available for sale, on either side of the pond. So you can take that for whatever you think it means.

Direct link for the feedreaders.