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Doctor Who Fall Trailer: Our Caffeinated Analysis

Matt Smith, The Doctor

So the trailer for the second half of the sixth series of the new Doctor Who is up and we have a date: August 27th. And with the trailer live, you can be certain every single bit of info we can glean from it is important and a clue and is simply Moffat screwing with our heads. But that’s part of the fun, yes?

I, Doctor Who novice that I am, have taken a moment to give the trailer some intense scrutiny and share with you both the trailer and some items you may have missed–but I with my eagle eyes did not. That’s after the break. Thanks to Rob Levy for letting me know the vid has been posted to begin with.

PLEASE NOTE: my analysis is so stunningly accurate it will no doubt contain spoilers. You have been warned.

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11 room number from the Doctor Who trailer

00:07 After hearing concerns that the mid-season cliffhanger might have rocked less ass than expected, this is clearly a nod by Moffat that the second half will crank the series up to 11. Also, if you look closely you will see that room number sign is clearly made of chocolate. A clue? Or a joke by craft services?

Peter Pettigrew from the Doctor Who fall trailer

00:10 A cameo by Peter Pettigrew, played by Verne Troyer. Didn’t see that coming.

Jabba the Hutt, from the Doctor Who fall trailer

00:12 The Doctor wakes up something. It could be A) Jabba the Hutt, B) a Navigator from the movie Dune or C) an extremely hungover Skeksis.

River Song with eyepatch from the Doctor Who fall trailer

00:27 Man, there is nothing funny to be said about that. That’s just freaking creepy.

The Silence in Barbicide from the Doctor Who fall trailer

00:28 Someone has figured out that the Silence are defeated if placed in barbicide. Well done. I theorized that months ago.

Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who trailer

00:29 This is a red herring: these Weeping Angels are actually made of marzipan.

New Monsters from the Doctor Who fall trailer

00:30 Not content to give us Angels, we are also getting, in order, the Jigsaw Killer of Earth-2, that doll from the movie Magic, robot acne that turns into a cannon, Loki as portrayed by Michael Berryman and The Minotaur loose in the Overlook Hotel.

Amy and Rory fight robots in the Doctor Who fall trailer

00:37 Amy and Rory fight robot ninjas on the set of THX 1138.

Cybermen explode in the Doctor Who trailer

00:44 The Cybermen are defeated by sticking them in a giant microwave oven and setting it on high.

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  • Give the past history, I’m sort of shocked by the complete lack thus far of EyePatch Lady(Madame Kovarian) / LeighBC jokes. …I’m not mad, just disappointed.

  • Stephen G: Your point is valid, though…Perhaps we don’t want to think about Eyepatch Lady flashing anyone.