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Thrift Store Battle Has a Victor

Nanner Hammock

Why is this man smiling? It’s not because he’s going to take this particular item home and wear it (although…we don’t know, maybe he did–but we’d prefer not to know). No, he’s smiling specifically because something in him knew that the “Nanner Hammock” (again, their nomenclature, not ours) would rule the day with our initial round of Thrift Store Battle. By popular vote, Isaac Hunt and his band of thrift store adventurers rocked the house with this one. Isaac will be getting the Mystery Box of Winning in a bit and they can fight amongst themselves for who gets the contents.

Did you enjoy the Battle? Do you plan to enter next time now that you see how it works? Do you find yourself confused as to why a nanner needs a hammock? Leave it in the comments, friends. Thanks for playing.