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Thrift Store Battle — Final Ballot!

Thrift Store Battle will take your breath away

We received another two entries for the contest and so we have added them to the poll below. If you want to support them, hop in and start voting. We’re going to push out the deadline for voting because it took us a day or so to get these two new entries in. So to be fair, voting ends now 11:59PM EST, July 27th.

You can vote. Your friends can vote. Hell, if your dog has access to a computer, your dog can vote. We’re not particular. Popularity drives the winner and the winner gets a mystery box full of random goodies from the Need Coffee Closet of Swag. Now let’s meet our two new contestants.
First up, I know we have a Demon Baby already but we now have what I’m calling the Might As Well Be Haunted Doll. By that I mean Lori H. did not claim it was haunted…but it might as well be. I mean…look at it:

Might As Well Be Haunted Doll

Next there’s the Angry Pitcher from Scott M. It is a pitcher–a separate photo shows it next to a water bottle–so it’s fairly large. And it looks fairly displeased:

Angry Pitcher

So there you have it–vote! You can vote once a day. Click and destroy!

Please Note: if you aren’t seeing the new entries in the poll, clear your browser cache and refresh. Thanks!