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Thrift Store Battle — Voting Begins and Brief Extension

Thrift Store Battle will take your breath away

First things first…we’ve got some great Thrift Store Battle entries thus far…and I know we said the initial phase was to end tomorrow. However, we had some people ping us and say that the July 4th weekend here in the States put them back, so we’re going to extend the deadline till Monday. So at 11:59PM EST, July 18th, it ends. That’s the deadline update.

But to inspire people to hurry up and finish getting entries in, we’re putting up the existing entries for voting. Voting will go for a week after the deadline, so voting ends 11:59PM EST, July 25th. So the faster you get your entry in and posted, the more votes you can get. Remember, Twitter it with #ThriftStoreBattle or email us at thriftstorebattle at need coffee dot com.

And here’s how the voting works. You can enter once a day (like our normal contests) and you can draft your friends or whoever to vote as well. Popularity rules this contest, like with most contests of this ilk online. So without further adieu, let me roll through the entries we’ve received. Everyone included either a sign or themselves and generally sent multiple images. So even if a person or a sign does not appear in a photo below, we have the accredited photo on file, never fear. Entries will appear on the voting thingy at the bottom of this post in a random order.
The aforementioned hellish Yellow Sofa submitted by Heather C:

Yellow Sofa

Carlos H. brings you this truly disturbing, nigh modern art Psychedelic Hawaiian shirt.

Psychedelic Hawaiian

Isaac H. brought a posse with him, so he boldly comes into the fray with a trio of entries and a trio of models.

Here we have the Air ‘Bama shirt:

Air Bama

The Thirsty Christ shirt (referencing John 4:14, naturally):

Thirsty Christ

And last but terrifying least, at least as far as amount of fabric goes, the Nanner Hammock. I’d like to point out that was their name for this find, not ours. He looks…terribly, terribly pleased with it.

Nanner Hammock

Dana F. found a delightfully cheery and off-puttingly gaudy Xmas Xheer sweater:

Xmas Xheer

Demon Baby with spider

Stephen N. throws in this entry, Demon Baby, and also includes a bonus explanation. This is apparently an award-winning garage sale find. Read on–this is the info that won a contest over at Fangoria. While we weren’t expecting anybody who had already won an award to show up, it stands to reason. If we do enough of these things, maybe we’ll have an overall winner at some point, but let’s just assume that once something’s entered in a round here, that’s it, yes? In other words, if you don’t win, you can’t just re-enter the same thing in the next round and so on and so on. Helps keep the insanity fresh, yes?

My ex-girlfriend (not my ex at the time) gave me this thing when she bought it at a garage sale. We nicknamed it ‘Demon Baby’. Every so often when I look outside it has moved positions. It’s pretty heavy for it not to be moved by the wind and it’s always moved in different ways. And it’s in our backyard so no one is moving it. Also whenever you walk by it wasps shoot out its ‘bellybutton’. When ever we talk about how creepy it is something bad happens. Like our microwave broke down and even our washing machine broke down and partially flooded our garage. And someone knocked it over and broke its arm and leg were broken off. We glued it back on out of fear. We are afraid to get rid of it because we feel the house will explode if we do.

Then, if that were not enough, Stephen, overachiever that he is, updated the story:

Since I first wrote this story (about a month ago) something else has occurred. I took this photo at night so I don’t have to deal with the wasps but not only are there wasps, but now it is surrounded by spider webs and has a huge spider by it’s bellybutton. The wasps and the spider must be in cahoots together or something. Also there have really been no consequences from writing the first story (knock on wood) and I hope nothing happens from this one (knock on wood again).

And now–vote! You can vote once a day. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell your family and pets. And get on it!