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Threadless: Because Sometimes You Just Need a Machine That Eats Ghosts

Ghost Eater 1 from Threadless

The latest update from Threadless brings us lots of cool stuff, that we felt compelled to tell you about. This stemmed from me posting to Twitter the utterly creepy and wrong Cronenberg-on-crack “Manus Creatura” by Stuart Colebrook. This week they also have the celebratory hot rods and zombies mayhem of “Undead Joyride” by Kevin Ang (which is sadly–for my tastes, anyway–a huge design and very, very red). And for people who like to try monstrous experimentation, we recommend the cute “Monstrous Chemistry” by Tiffany Pankratz.

However, I think the prize goes for “Ghost Eater 1” by Forent Bocognani (pictured) in which scientists and mechanics appear to be putting together a giant steampunk Pac-Man. Why? Are mechanical ghosts running rampant through the land? Is there a huge crop of strange dots that needs to be consumed by something? Do I ask rhetorical questions due to an offset in my self-medication regime? Whatever. We dig it.

The only deal they have going at the moment is any state gets free shipping if you spend $60 or more. So there’s that. Find more stuff here. Enjoy.