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Need Coffee… Now Has Coffee

Coffee Thumbs Up
This is a sign of coffee approval, not a surreal attempt at hitchhiking.

Update: Please note: last call. The window for ordering coffee for pickup at the Con closes at 11:59PM EST, Tuesday, August 16th.

When we first snagged this URL around thirteen years ago, I started getting the question. It is the number one question I am asked once I tell people the name of the site. “Oh, so you sell coffee?” And my answer has always been…no. No, we don’t sell coffee. We’re a pop culture website. We are just coffee enthusiasts.

If you’ve been listening to Weekend Justice recently, you know that we have plans now to change that. And it begins here. We are officially selling Need Coffee-branded coffee beginning…oh, about five seconds ago.

And, hey if you like generic, supermarket-brand coffee then…sorry. We can’t help you with that. Because our stuff is premium. We looked far and wide to find something that we would be happy to stick our name on. And I think you’ll be pleased with the results. Our initial blend is certified organic, Rainforest Alliance fair trade, shade-grown dark roasted coffee from Colombia. It’ll have been roasted as close to the Con as we can and still get it there.

The Con. Yes, that’s right. We are launching with a special DragonCon 2011 exclusive blend that will be available only at the Con. You order it from here and you can pick it up Friday night at the Need Coffee Fun Fest (Fun Fest details, time and place TBA). You can get whole beans or ground. If you’re trying to avoid hotel coffee while you’re at the Con (advisable), then may we suggest ground.

Not going to be at the Con? Don’t worry. We will be launching our Need Coffee House Blend shortly thereafter. And if this proves a success, we can follow that up with other different blends as well.

A new era of being excessive begins here.


  • Oh crap. You mean there’s actually Widgett tested and approved coffee that passed the FDA too? Please tell me this stuff is also super charged with extra caffeine and other get-up-and-go stuff so it can fly the NeedCoffee flag proudly.