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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Time Team and the Very Big Flamethrower

William Howard Livens

Continuing with our series of things to kick off your week and bend your mind. Might want to save this to watch over lunch…

Time Team is a show that’s virtually unknown on this side of the pond. That’s because we Americans simply aren’t sophisticated enough to enjoy shows like it or QI–or at least that’s what the people at BBC America are reported to believe. Nobody thought we would appreciate Doctor Who either, and yet, it’s blowing up over here. Apparently there was a Time Team America two years ago (of course there was) but it lasted all of five episodes.

Regardless, the setup of the normal show is fairly simple: Tony Robinson (yes, he of Blackadder fame) and a team of archaeologists have just three days in which to tackle a dig site and unravel some mystery or question they’ve had put in front of them. The shows are all fascinating–some more than others. They also do specials in which they tackle one-off or bigger projects. This is one of those: “The Somme’s Secret Weapon.”

[ad#rightpost]As to the details of Somme and what it meant during World War I, you can either watch the special or check out Wikipedia for more details (since it’s always right.) I’ll keep most details to the show itself (all of which is posted here since you just can’t find it in the U.S. and this needs to be seen) but suffice it to say: the British came up with a giant freaking flamethrower. I mean huge. The idea was to have it placed underground, let it pop up and spew flames into the trenches of the foe. My words cannot do justice to simply how mental this is, so I advise you to watch. They even have the Royal Engineers design and kick off a replica.

I also advise you to learn a valuable lesson from this: be careful who you piss off. That will be explained in the program and I think you’ll agree. Enjoy.

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