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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: The Trouble With Flirting Whilst Covered in Bees

Eddie Izzard: First Letterman Appearance

Each Monday we like to give you something–whether it’s to excite the brain or numb it…really, it depends on the week. This week we have the American television debut of Eddie Izzard. This is taken from October 1997 while he was performing his show Glorious in NYC, according to the NaughtButEddie channel on YouTube (which rather lives up to its name, I must say). I agree with one of the commenters on the YouTube page…at first, I don’t think the audience knows what to make of him: the same sort of mad energy of a Robin Williams but more focused while at the same time much more surreal. But they eventually warm up and figure out what he’s on about. For the most part.

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