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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: A Lost in Space That’s Worse Than the Live Action Movie

Animated Dr. Smith from Lost in Space

I was not a fan of the 1998 live action Lost in Space film, which really needed a continuity person. While Gary Oldman and Matt LeBlanc‘s helmet both carried themselves off well, that’s about all that could be said for the film, sad to say. Which is odd because despite the original Irwin Allen series is a campy bit of fluff–and yet is near and dear to the hearts of many.

We try to start your week off with something odd or unique or something. This falls into the “something” category quite easily–I didn’t know it existed until just now. Apparently a pilot was created in the early 70s for an animated version of Lost in Space. What’s weird is that they felt the need to change…well, everything. The only character to make the transition to the animated version pretty much intact was a Jonathan Harris-voiced Dr. Smith who’s a passenger. What’s the point in having the head of the mission be Craig Robinson? Why change the Robot’s name to Robon?

Give at least some of this a watch for posterity’s sake…and you won’t wonder for long why it wasn’t picked up as a series. I mean…why does Dr. Smith’s face seem to morph each time he moves? And what’s with the Grandpa Wolverine haircut? Wow.

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