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Music Monday: TFDI, Jeff Bridges, I Break Horses & More…

More music picks for your Monday. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

TFDI: When I Stop Running
Jeff Bridges: Self-Titled

We kick off with a group called TFDI doing a cover of “Lover I Don’t Have to Love,” a Bright Eyes song that I thought I was happy enough with being covered by Bettie Serveert. In other words, “Yeah, I’m good I don’t need another version. Wrapped up.” Not so. I dig this stripped down approach.

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That’s from their album When I Stop Running, which is a full-length album apparently available for download for just $1.99. Nice.

And yes, as I believe has been mentioned elsewhere on the site, Jeff Bridges has released an album. Some actors release musical projects and you just wince. But Bridges is just too cool and having too much fun doing his thing not to enjoy it. Here’s a live performance of “What a Little Bit of Love Can Do.”

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His self-titled album is available from Amazon as both an MP3 download and a CD.

I Break Horses: Hearts
Green Album

This is the band I Break Horses and a live bedroom session recording of “Winter Beats.”

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I have no idea what in the hell she’s saying but that’s never stopped me from enjoying something before. That’s from their album Hearts. It’s available from Amazon as an MP3 download today and tomorrow it will be available as a CD. It’s an import, though, so the CD’s expensive.

The Green Album, the Muppets tribute album, is out now. And like a lot of tribute albums, there are some songs better than others. My personal favorite is Andrew Bird covering “Bein’ Green,” apparently something he’s been doing for a while. Here he is performing it on a San Diego Bay cruise in 2009:

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That’s available from Amazon as either an MP3 download or as a real-life CD.

We Remember Gregory Isaacs
Balam Acab: Wander Wonder

Out from VP Records is We Remember, a tribute album to reggae icon Gregory Isaacs. Here’s a very tasty rendition of “Front Door” by Tarrus Riley:

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The album is available from Amazon as both MP3 download and CD. The CD is actually slightly cheaper, just FYI.

And lastly, here’s Balam Acab from the new EP Wander/Wonder. It’s “Now Time.”

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It’s sort of like Deep Forest on lithium, isn’t it? Regardless, I dig it. It’s available on CD this week from Amazon.

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  • I listened to the Jeff Bridges album on Spotify, It was great to listen to and I find myself going back to it while I work on other projects. Very Good