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People of DragonCon 2011: You Were Fantastic

Mighty Bill with five pounds of coffee and six pounds of flask

Well, DragonCon 2011 has come and gone and we are still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2nd Annual Fun Fest, as well as our various and sundry appearances throughout the con. You guys rock. Not only did you come ready to play for fabulous prizes at the Fun Fest but you showed up at panels ready to party as well. Hell, our Bad Men II panel yesterday was pretty much a full house. That’s a 2:30pm Monday panel, people. Thank you to everybody for coming out and supporting us.

One quick reminder: if you did attend a Need Coffee event and you have the app loaded on your smart device of choice, be sure to go in and rate us. If you like us and want to see us do more at the Con, that’s the way to make it happen. Thanks in advance for doing so.

Be sure to check the Facebook page as we’ll be loading pictures from the mayhem over the next few days. The photo album is here. Kicking us off, though, is friend of Need Coffee and site sponsor Mighty Bill, illustrating in a single picture the three driving forces behind this year’s con for us: coffee, alcohol and being wicked. Seriously, that’s five pounds of Need Coffee DragonCon 2011 blend coffee he’s got there…next to a six pound flask. No lie.

We will return next year, DragonCon. Count on it.