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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Lassie’s Nemesis Revealed

Wishing Well Willy

Each Monday we try to start your week off with something of a mildly stimulating nature. Just to help you bridge from the weekend into the work week with as little trauma as possible. Sometimes what we post is fascinating. Sometimes it’s pure WTFsville. Today we’re leaning towards the latter.

Here it’s important you watch this first, then we’ll reconvene after the break.

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Let’s leave aside the fact that there’s a odd and creepy wanted-to-grow-up-to-be-Willy-Wonka guy with magical powers who likes to fulfill the fantasies of kids. Because that’s troubling enough but that’s not the worst part.

We all remember the fact that Lassie would run to warn people that there was a kid down the well, right? Did you ever wonder what diabolical force was putting kids down wells? I think we know the answer now. Not only does he have a well that teleports from place to place (kinda like that evil stronghold in Krull, right?) but he also has a creature living inside his pocket that looks, to me anyway, like My First Chestburster.

I bet that kid was, shortly after the completion of this video, trampled to death by a horse while the malevolent spirit of Willy stood by, ready to absorb the kid’s life energies and move onto his next victim. So just remember, friends: Lassie’s enemy is not your friend. Have a great week!

Found via Everything is Terrible.

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