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It’s Here: Need Coffee Dot Com House Blend Coffee!

Need Coffee Dot Com House Blend Coffee

So, the waiting is over. We’ve celebrated National Coffee Day by putting the finishing touches on the roll-out of Need Coffee Dot Com’s first official coffee, our House Blend. Featuring label artwork by our own artist in residence, Rox of Spazhouse! We did a preview blend for DragonCon, but this is the real deal and it’s available to everybody. First, the summary shot, and then details–which those of you just jonesing to get some can skip if you like and get to ordering.

This is Colombian coffee that’s medium roasted, organic, fair trade, bird-friendly and shade-grown from an estate that’s been in the same family for three generations. The coffee is roasted upon ordering and then shipped to you to maintain freshness. So this is coffee that is Not Screwing Around. If Folgers or the like is good enough for you, then back away from the table. This is simply not for you, friends.

For people who need details, read on…for everybody else, scroll down and have at.

We’re doing this because since we started the site thirteen years ago, the number one question I get asked is: “So you sell coffee?” And my response has always been, “No.” Recently it hit me: what the hell am I doing? The answer should be yes! So we searched high and low to get coffee that we would be happy to put our name on. We tried it out with the staff. We ran the preview blend at the Con. And everybody’s been happy. Especially me. This has been fantastic. Now, what exactly are you paying for, besides good coffee?

  • Organic: the farmers are interested in not blowing out the land. So they use renewable resources as well as conserving water and soil.
  • Fair Trade: the farmers and their workers are actually paid a better salary than bare minimum/whatever can be gotten away with.
  • Bird Friendly and Shade Grown: the trees weren’t cut down to grow the coffee, so the coffee grows in the shade, natch. So know that birds everywhere endorse you getting wired on this stuff.
  • So there you have it. Please use the following buttons. If you are ordering from outside the U.S. or Canada, please ping me first at widgett at need coffee dot com for shipping costs as we’re still working on those button things. Thanks! Enjoy your coffee!

    1 Lb. bag of coffee – $14

    5 Lb. bag of coffee – $50

    Thanks again to Rox for the label, Thespia for project managing this mayhem and Cosette for her help with preview madness.