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Stuff You Need to Know: The Skyfall is Happening, Sayeth Chicken Little

Albert Finney
'I would make a KICK ASS Blofeld and you know it.'

Yes, we’re back. Sorry we’ve been away, but there’s been a lot going on. Should have one of these at least weekly for you and we’ll try to keep you up to speed. The theme is simple: there’s just too much pop culture shite going on to spend your life reading a website about pop culture news. We try to give it to you in capsule form. Swallow briskly. Enjoy.

  • Amazon‘s deal of the day is the Blu-Ray set of Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology. It’s at $55.99 today while stocks last, which is 57% off the list price. You can snag that here.
  • James Bond 23 finally has a title and appears to be happening. Skyfall will hit the UK and Ireland October 26, 2012, hitting stateside November 9, 2012. The story apparently has a spectre (not SPECTRE) from M’s past rising up to be dealt with. Which means Judi Dench returns (as does Craig), with Javier Bardem on board as the villain, and Naomie Harris (28 Days Later) and Berenice Marlohe (a French model) as the Bond girls. Also in the cast are Albert Finney (yes!), Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw (Perfume). Nice timing: the Variety article states that the announcement today comes on the 50th anniversary of the announcement that Sean Connery had been cast as Bond for Dr. No. Well played, Eon.
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  • Huh. Big Fish, my favorite Tim Burton film, which was based on the book by Daniel Wallace, is becoming a musical–it just got pushed back to spring 2013 for a Broadway debut. The musical will be based on both book and film and will star Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall–even though apparently that remains officially unannounced. The show will have a reading next week. Source.
  • Downton Abbey fans rejoice: a third series has been given a go by ITV. “The third series will be set in 1920 and 1921, and cover a period of 18 months in the lives of the Crawley family and their servants,” the Variety article says. Of course, it then goes on to say that they’ll keep doing them as long as audiences care. Critics, the article states, are getting tired of it. Which means it will go for fifteen seasons.
  • A film I’m looking forward to that seems to be Donnie Darko if it had been brought to you by William S. Burroughs and old school David Cronenberg. It’s John Dies at the End. Check this out:

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  • Why should you care about the “final” Lake Placid movie, coming from SyFy? Because it’s going to pair two actors who I know you’ve been dying to see together: Betty White and Robert Englund. Lake Placid: The Final Chapter will also star Cloris Leachman and Colin Ferguson. It hits in 2012. Source.
  • MythBusters fans take note: they’re going on the road with an arena tour. Yes, with Jamie and Adam. It starts in January in Modesto, California–large cities are expected to be hit but I couldn’t find a schedule yet. So stay tuned. Source: Variety.
  • ParaNorman is from the people who brought you Coraline. It’s weird, it involves ghosts and zombies and looks amazing. Check it out:

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  • Here’s a trailer that brings joy: Safe House, which we told you about previously. Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds play CIA and there are guns. Plus it’s calculating wicked Denzel in the driver’s seat. Need I say more? Because I shan’t. Watch this:

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  • Spartacus returns as Spartacus: Vengeance on January 27th. Actor Liam McIntyre (The Pacific) is taking up the role from the late Andy Whitfield. Here he is:

    Liam McIntyre as Spartacus from Spartacus: Vengeance

    The rest of that poster found at the source: