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Curious Echo Is Back!

Remember me posting around two years ago about a audio theater group I was with, Curious Echo Radio Theater. We had just released our first show, Beware The Moon Wraith: The Orb of Phoebe with the promise of more to come. Then silence.

Here is an explanation.

curious echo on air logo
You see, there is this thing called Real Life. You know, jobs, school, family, all that stuff. Now Real Life sometimes can be enjoyable but it is time consuming. And it hit us hard. Frankly, it pretty much derailed us. Curious Echo Radio Theater was down… but not out.

Our resident scribe, Louis Gutierrez, was busy. He had been busy not only writing scripts for The Moon Wraith along with Frank Gadsden: Personal Injury Lawyer of the Future and Shadows West. He also set up a home studio to record these scripts. For the last few months, we have been busy recording and editing some programs for you to listen and enjoy.

So the first Frank Gadsden adventure, Time Wounds All Heels will be up in the next few days. And new adventures will soon follow after that. So please tell us what you think of the new material. Tell your friends. Talk about us on your favorite social media site. Thanks in advance.

Guess what? Time Wounds All Heels is out and available for your listening pleasure.

Here is the writer, Louis Gutierrez, talking about the inspiration for Frank.

Frank Gadsden logo
Frank Gadsden: Personal Injury Lawyer of the Future. Where did I get the inspiration for this character? Though I am a practicing lawyer, I’m not a personal injury lawyer although I have met a few. I am also a fan of science fiction programs. What put the two together for me was when I was watching a show in the Star Trek franchise where the plot involved yet another malfunction of the transporter. I thought if there were personal injury lawyers that thing would be plastered with warning labels such as:

  • Warning: Use of this transporter may divide you into good and evil halves.
  • Warning: Use of this transporter may send you to an alternate universe.
  • Warning: Use of this transporter may trap you in a holodeck game.
  • You get the idea. Then I thought there should be personal injury lawyers in science fiction and up popped Frank. I hope you enjoy his adventures and my thanks to Scott Campbell for bringing him to smarmy life.

    I was proud to do my smarmy best to bring Frank to life. Do check out this adventure and keep an ear out for more from Curious Echo Radio Theater.