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Love Thy Caffeine As Thyself

So here we are once more having buzzed our way through the second annual Worldwide Caffeine Appreciation Month. I hope you all had fun. We certainly did. And I’m sure caffeine appreciates getting so many people to think about what it’s brought to our lives. So here we are in our caffeinated glory:

Brittany with coffee
Brittany enjoys a mug of the good stuff.


Karina and where Diet Coke cans go to die
Karina is known by Diet Cokes the world over as 'The Butcher'

Karina and the Flavia collection
Karina sent us two pictures to prove her love of caffeinated things. Hardcore.

Cindy Lou Who with coffee
Cindy Lou Who (yes, that's her name) kicks back with a mug of the good stuff.

Ryan vs. Decaf
Ryan Lujan and his answer for decaf. Well done.

Niki with Diet Dr. Pepper
Niki relaxes with some Diet Dr. Pepper

Dom contemplates the Tower of Jolt
Dom contemplates his tower of spent Jolt cans. No doubt he wonders how many more he can stack on there. Find out, my friend! Go for it!

Rachel with coffee
Rachel seems fascinated by what's in her mug. It's like contemplating the Great Caffeine Omphalos.

Mallory takes her Nesquik straight
Mallory takes her Nesquik straight. (And backwards.) What can we say? She's hardcore.

Unidentified Madman and his Tower of Buzz
Unidentified Madman and his Tower of Power

Wolven and Mech_Angel need coffee
Caffeine fan art! Yes! It's Wolven and Mechangel enjoying a cuppa each.

Jon of The Unique Geek partakes
Jon of The Unique Geek is surprised to see us. But that's normal.

ScottC and Jolt Gum
Scott, we believe you're chewing the gum, you don't have to--aw, Christ, cut that out, dude. Eww.

Dungeons and Dragons and Coffee
Rox of Spazhouse has D&D miniatures who guard her morning brew. Wise.

Cosette kicks it with a fancy mug of coffee
Cosette kicks it with a fancy mug of coffee.

Caffeine: The Higher Power
SCUM provides us with a photo that made me laugh my ass clean off my body. And oy, the staples hurt. Click on it to embiggen. Fantastic.

Widge with a sampling of his caffeine collection
Widge with just a small selection of his caffeine collection. (Damn, that tray was heavy.)

Thanks for everybody who participated in this year’s gallery. See you next year, friends.