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Threadless $9.99 Sale Today Only

Tell My Wife I Love Her, She Knows at Threadless

So the Threadless sales have been coming fast and furious recently but we’ve been so buried we haven’t had a chance to give you the headsup. But now that they’ve launched what I would assume is the last sale before Christmas is upon us, I feel compelled to take a few more hundred milligrams of caffeine and stay up longer to ensure you’ve heard the news.

A vast amount of tees are on sale now until 11:59PM Central Time today, 12/5. They’re at $9.99. Hoodies as well are on sale at $29. Now, not everything’s on sale, but a crapload of tees are indeed at the nicely reduced rate. So I urge you to do whatever holiday shopping now while there’s still time.

[ad#longpost]Some recent additions to look over while you’re at it, just from a suggestion point of view. There’s Brian Nur Afandi’s “inksPIRATE,” which combines three things many of our readers enjoy: ink, ships and kraken like betentacled beasties. There’s the most excellent “Wolf’s Night Off” by Florent Bodart, which is not only black–but also features a variety of creatures filling in for the howling wolf. Nice. And I will point out one of their “Labs” shirts that is not discounted but still worthy of mention: “Buyer Beware,” by Paul Berthelot, dedicated to damned bits of real estate.

Last but not least the snippet of art we have posted is from “Tell My Wife I Love Her Very Much, She Knows” by Jay Fleck. Also black and I am quite tempted by it, Bowie aside.

Regardless, check out the sale and enjoy yourself.