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13 Days of Xmas 2011, Day 8: Holiday Music That Doesn’t Suck

MXPX: Christmas Punk Rawk

As an example of what the Christmas Eve and Day playlist would be on WIDG-FM, and since we ran out of time to do a proper Christmas Music Monday (and since we tackled music previously on Day 8–literally tackled it), we kick off our holiday listening party with the Billy May Orchestra and a fantastic mambo version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” And I don’t normally just post videos that are mostly static, but this is so festive and so perfect for the song, well, I couldn’t resist:

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You can find that–and an entire MP3 album of Christmas lounge music–for just $3.99. It’s Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails. Of course it is.

Here’s Cousin Oliver with a song that is frequently heard on ScottC’s Xmas mix. It’s “Naked Christmas.”

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The album is 818 and it appears to be quite out of print. Copies of the CD are available used on Amazon.

And for a change of pace, here is the awesome Eddie Cantor–you might remember the name, he appeared as a character in Boardwalk Empire–with “The Only Thing I Want For Christmas (Is Just to Keep the Things That I’ve Got).”

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That’s available on his collection, The Columbia Years: 1922-1940.

And speaking of awesome, it’s the immortal Allan Sherman doing “Twelve Gifts of Christmas.” It’s certainly more held together than another one you’ll hear this holiday season. Just a warning of something to come.

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In a perfect world, you could just grab My Son, The Box–that’s everything Sherman and then some. Alas, very out of print and very expensive. Just snag this via Amazon MP3.

And a song that I think speaks for a lot of people’s Christmas experiences, “Hating You For Christmas.” It’s Everclear.

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“I wish I could have a drink and make you go away.” Yes. I’ll just say this: in case you want this to bop along to, the MP3 of the song itself is available for $.99. Just saying.

And because we never feel comfortable unless we can sneak zombies in somewhere, here’s MXPX. And “Christmas Night of the Living Dead.”

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That’s off their Punk Rawk Christmas album, available as an MP3 for just $6.99. Nice.

Previously, we’ve taken a look at holiday jazz goodies, the holiday vocal stylings of Geraldine McQueen, and ScottC walked us through a number of versions of “Santa Baby.”

What holiday music do you like that doesn’t suck? Share.