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Stuff Bulletin: Start 2012 With The Zone

Twilight Zone 5-Season Blu-Ray Bundle

Hope everyone had a safe entry into 2012, sneaking past the bouncer and the security guards without incident. My intention was to just take a breather until the year officially started (i.e., tomorrow, Monday the 2nd) but, as the old saying goes, Idle Hands was a movie with Seth Green and plus: this deal is too good not to warrant a bulletin.

I’ve talked before about how sweet the DVD boxed set of the complete original Twilight Zone series is. I may have also mentioned my intention to, at some point in the future, upgrade to the Blu-Ray sets since they have managed to up the sweetness factor to an excessive amount with a reportedly even better picture and scads more bonus bits on top of the already present scads the DVDs had.

Well, the Amazon deal of the day is Twilight Zone, either the DVD Definitive Collection that I currently own or the Blu-Ray bundle of all five seasons that I just snagged for myself. And I urge you to snag one or the other because, well, it’s the frigging Twilight Zone, isn’t it? And for a hellacious deal on either format.

The DVD Definitive Collection is only $91.99, which is down 69% from the list price of $300. Savings of around $208. 28 DVDs. It is sweet. You can snag that here.

The Blu-Ray bundle of all five sets is $152.99, which is down 69% from their collective bundle list price of $500. Savings of around $347. 24 Blu-Rays. You can snag that here.

This of course is good only for today (1/1) or until they simply run out of them. And now you know. Enjoy.