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Q: What Are You Prepared To Do? A: Mashup Some Trailers

Avengers Four Posters

Found via sxyblkmn, I submit to you: The Avengers Extended Mashup Trailer (by ScreenRant)

And Honestly? This needs to be the trailer they play in theaters. This ties every one of the individual films together, seamlessly. It brings you back to the centre of focus with Nick Fury in each one, and then throws you right back into the heart of the new film.

It takes any worries you may have had about “Well how are they going to have enough space for all of them in the same movie,” and it kicks those worries in the teeth so hard that you poop rainbows.

Yeah. I just said that.


Direct link for the feedreaders.

Now go watch that trailer again. It’s pretty masterful.

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