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Superlative Etsy Finds #3: Retro Posters, Monster Bags & a Zombie Ranch

Batman Retro Poster

Everyone needs to buy decorative items from time to time–either for yourself or for someone you love (or even for someone you are ambivalent about but required to purchase a gift for–what do you get that cousin you met once for her wedding?). Rather than driving to the mall, wouldn’t it be easier and more fun to hop online and find some truly imaginative pieces, while supporting independent artists in the process? Etsy is a good place to do that, and even though some resellers of imported crap find their way in far too easily, there are some truly talented and imaginative people there making really great art. So go poke around–find something really cool! Here’s a few things that caught my eye recently…

Harshness makes awesome geeky stylized posters, with subject matter ranging from X-Men to Game of Thrones. This wonderful Batman image caught my eye, but do go check out their whole catalog of items–there are some amazingly cool pieces to decorate your space for any and all types of geekery out there.

Scrappy the Recycled Tire Monster Key Chain Trespassers Will Be Eaten By Zombies sign

Next we have Trigo, whose “handmade monster gifts” are disturbingly charming and practical. Scrappy, the Recycled Tire Monster Key Chain, is just one of the pieces made from recycled tires, which are very neat, but there are fabric monsters as well. Each of them has eyes and a zipper mouth with a cute felt tongue, and their bike bags have a velcro band to attach to your bike, as well as a reflective tape strip down one side.

My third pick this week is Zed’s Zombie Ranch. I know we’re all concerned about the impending zombie apocalypse, and Zed’s trio of artisans have a bunch of decorative items to display your concern. This Trespassers Will Be Eaten by Zombies sign particularly caught our eye as a great addition to any home defense system, but Hellpuppy Kora’s favorite is their Beware of Hell Hound sign (we think she just wants the hellhounds across the street to pay more attention to her).