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The Sound Board DragonCon 2012 Special: Eardrum Wasteland

Eardrum Wasteland

Recorded at DragonCon 2012, the three of us partnered with the Apocalypse Rising track to come up with this, in essence an hour-long discussion of the post-apocalyptic sub-overarching-genre of music–with plenty in the realm of playlists suggestions as well.

Please excuse the echoey nature of the chamber we were in as well as the various and sundry table noises we couldn’t get away from because, well, we were seated at the table. And we apologize in advance for any questions you can’t hear. We keep making notes to repeat questions but we have Memento Syndrome.

Update: Tuffley’s special playlist for the occasion can be found here.

Your regular Sound Board mayhem will return in October.

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  • Widge, thanks for the shoutout to Diablo Swing. I had just found them in a British record store in Nottingham about a week before DragonCon and wondered “What the hell does this mean?” I had to buy something with such a strange name. After hearing two tracks, I immediately went to Amazon and bought the rest of their music.

  • Eric: Glad I’m spreading the news appropriately. I was telling somebody today: “Strings! Horns! Rawk guitars! An opera singer! What more could you want? Well, whatever it is, you can’t have it.” Movits! had my favorite album last year, Diablo Swing looks to currently have that cornered for this year. Sweden: apparently you are land of awesome music. Thanks for the comment!

  • Hey Widge, this was bloody awesome! Thank you for the idea. Going to share it on FB, some friends will surely enjoy. Hoped someone would point to Godspeed You B.E. and Sigur Ros. I didn’t really hear/understand some of the contributors due to audio quality, but has Bowie been mentioned? He revelled in apocalyptic themes most of his career but Five Years and his great Station to Station ->Scary Monsters run are just classics of the mood. Radiohead are also an obvious partaker of the endgame, Pyramid Song, Like Spinning Plates and well all of their post Computer albums, and surprisingly U2’s whole ’90s album output fits the non-destructive apocalypse frame. Passengers and (criminally underrated and somewhat prescient) Pop are prime examples of the pre-millenial personal/cultural angst subgenre :-)
    Oh, almost forgot about L.V. Trier’s chilly Epidemic and it’s cute, very inappropriately literal and out of place ending song that is just hilarious (found on youtube). Ah, and The The’s This Is The Day needs to feature in some end of the world movie, it is a very sinister composition :-) M.

  • I want to say Bowie and The The were mentioned but due to the aforementioned Memento Syndrome, I can’t be sure. I actually think of Outside as being especially small-apocalypish. And you’re damn right about Radiohead…No Surprises is actually an incredibly small apocalypse type of song as I sit here and think about it now. The end of the world in a whimper sort of thing. And yeah, GSYBE…the track from 28 Days Later that wasn’t actually on the soundtrack CD…(checks his iTunes) “East Hastings.” I listened to the hell out of that.

    Thanks for the comment!

  • Hi I was wondering if I could have permissionthat to use the image on this page for a cover of a novel I am currently writing. Thank you.

  • Joshua: Sadly, we don’t own that image, so I can’t help you there. In fact, it’s so prevalent online that I was unable to establish where it originated and give credit. If you find out who owns it, let me know. Good luck!