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Word-a-Week Season 2 is Happening

Aaron Poole's Word-a-Week!

So here’s some excellent news. The criminally underviewed* series Word-a-Week by the Irish Ambassador to the Internet, Aaron Poole, was completed last year. Aaron brought you vocabulary words in a manner thitherto unseen. I freaking loved it. Was glad to get each episode so we could share them here. After a twenty-five BAFTA-nominated run of Season 1, Aaron hung up his dictionary and decided to move on.

However, like most bands, Aaron and the English language are getting back together for a reunion tour. Yes, it’s a second season of Word-a-Week. Very pleased about this.

The catch is that this time around he wants you to give him words. Go to his blog and post your suggestions in the comments. And if you missed last season, I’ve posted my absolute favorite of the lot below. Enjoy.

*: Yes, everything on this site is criminally underviewed, but Word-a-Week was extra that.

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