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Music Monday: David Byrne, St. Vincent, Spike Jones & More…

David Byrne and St. Vincent: Love This Giant

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So David Byrne and St. Vincent have joined forces for the album Love This Giant as well as a live tour. And that’s all well and good that they have material they’ve put together…well, together. But sorry if I forego all of that in order to bring you this vid from a couple of nights ago in Minneapolis where they collaborate on a cover of “Burning Down the House” that features a massive horn section. And, well, you know what a sucker I am for horns…

At this point the CD of Love This Giant is actually a buck cheaper than the MP3. So.

After bringing up Spike Jones again, it occurred to me that Music Monday was a perfect excuse to post something else from his TV show. Because this is exactly how my brain is, twenty-four-seven.

A wealth of Jones can be found on Amazon. And I heartily recommend owning some of it.

What was I saying about horns? Oh yes. Have some. Along those lines: What Cheer? Brigade blowing the hell out of “Disco Bangra” on the street.

That’s off the album We Blow You Suck, which is available from Amazon as an MP3 bundle.

Brand new is the album from The Presets, Pacifica, out just last week. The track is “Ghosts” and the following music video is like a sad, slowed down version of the swimming portions of the Olympics. Or something.

The album is slightly cheaper on Amazon as an MP3 bundle.

Yet another case of me initially having not a damn clue where I picked up the song, this is Ceschi featuring Sage Francis and “Barely Alive.”

The track is from a sampler out of Fake Four Inc. and it’s–bonus–available for free download from Amazon.

As I can’t seem to stay away from Sweden recently, we have a new single up from OLGWI, “Rusty Kind of Soul,” from his album Individuation, due out later this year.