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Kickstarter Kthursday #4: Ostriches, Cthulhu & Other Monsters

Ostrich pillow

So wound up taking a week off again last week due to a bit of overwhelm, but we’re back with more Kickstarters that make me amused and/or excited and/or willing to throw coin at people. Ignore the silent K and we begin with this:

While I make the claim of never sleeping that is, unfortunately–with our current level of science, anyway–a bit of a stretch. I do on occasion give in and have to shut my eyes for a few minutes. And while the creators of this first Kickstarter talk a lot about power napping–I have mastered the art of the power coma. Whenever I stop moving, my body goes on auto-pilot and tries to shut down to conserve what little energy I have remaining. I’m like the walking version of that website where people try to document how far their cars can go after their empty gas tank indicator has come on.

So that being said, when I do conk out, there are more effective ways to do it than simply putting my head down in a zoo full of screaming children and peacocks (long story). So the Ostrich Pillow shows some promise in that regard. And not just because the dude in the picture there looks like some kind of bizarre cosplay E.T.-by-way-of-Gerald-Scarfe-rendered-in-felt.

They smartly had a limited-to-300 early bird special level (damn good idea, that–swipe) but the pillows start at $75 as a reward. For more info, the Kickstarter is here and their official site is here.

Next, I break one of my own rules for this thing…and we’re only on the fourth in the series. I try to point you to projects that still need backers, since, well, I know how that feels. That being said, how can I not mention a Bicycle playing card deck that’s awesomely Cthulhu-themed? They’re already at more than four times their goal, but well, when you can get one of the decks with shipping for just $9? I would hate myself if I didn’t throw you their way. (And the art in this sped-up session looks pretty wicked, I must say.)

Again, you can find their Kickstarter here.

Now somewhere along those lines–somewhere–I dig monsters. And I dig plush toys. And I dig the concept of monster plush toys. So when you start talking about a plush toy that’s a twelve-foot long plush sculpture of a giant monster called “Mama”? Yeah. I mean…yeah.

“I honestly think the world needs more giant, imaginary monsters.” You must respect such a vision. The Kickstarter can be found here. Current monstrous examples of his work can be found at his Etsy store.

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