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32 Days of Halloween VI: 32 Days Lives – It Begins Here

Jeepers Creepers

As I type this, a full moon (or close enough) is high in the night sky outside. Once more, you did not heed the warnings. You read the Latin off the back of the cereal box. Or you pulled the stake out of the skeletal remains in the clothes hamper downstairs. Or you reconnected the battery in that haunted Buick you keep in the garage. Whatever it was, you did it all right. So what is about to transpire is entirely your fault. Yes, I’m talking to you.

Because Halloween-time is on the move again, and it claims September 30th for its very own–31 Days is not enough for us to celebrate the mayhem. Thus, 32 Days of Halloween, Part VI: 32 Days Lives begins here. Quake in your boots. And if you own no boots, rent some boots. Then quake in them.

Here’s Jack Teagarden and Louis Armstrong playing and singing the hell out of “Jeepers Creepers.” Because we can.

Best place to find that is from his Ultimate Collection–though out of print on CD, it is still “in print” on MP3. Wise move, Verve. Danke.