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Threadless: Villains, Nightmares, Muppets & Discounts

Drink Me Coffee Mug by Threadless

It’s been a while since we’ve tackled any sort of Threadless/t-shirt update, so let’s dive in by saying first that Threadless has expanded their product line into dish towels and coffee mugs. Considering the amount of coffee-related shirts they have, it’s sort of amazing they only have the one coffee-related coffee mug thus far (“Drink Me Coffee” by Phil Jones–pictured). But their entire home and kitchen section can be found here.


Threadless: Hook by Brian Cvejanovich Threadless: Jack-O-Full Moon by Marvin Pedro
They’ve also recently kicked off a Disney Villains line of shirts, with scads of designs. Now I, like most right-thinking individuals, know that Maleficent is the most badass of the Villains. (Turns into a dragon–I mean, that looks great on a CV.) But I have to admit, the simple yet loaded nature of “Hook” by Brian Cvejanovich has tremendous appeal. Maybe I’m just more drawn to it because it’s black. Who can say? The entire line of Villains can be found here.

Sticking with Disney for a moment, there’s also a line of The Nightmare Before Christmas tees, most of which are fairly choice. Yes, admittedly, this is because they are, by necessity, mostly in black. But this Jack Skellington moon/face, “Jack-O-Full Moon” by Marvin Pedro, is my favorite of the bunch. I’m also tempted to pull a Méliès and fire a rocket at its eye.

Anyway, the Disney Villains, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sesame Street and Muppet tees all have 20% off through Monday, 11/12 at 10am Central Time. Just use the coupon code WKDFUN20. Enjoy.