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The Sound Board DragonCon 2012 Special: Britpop

Britpop by Pop Bakery

Recorded at DragonCon 2012, the three of us partnered with the Brit Media track for yet another iteration of this, a discussion of British music which roams (despite the attempt by special guest star Aaron Poole to keep us on topic) from place to place. Our fifth panelist and special guest star is Kim, who will attempt to keep us relatively mainstream.

As always, you have various and sundry table noises that we can’t avoid because we were all seated at the table. And I have no idea where the damn interference is coming from. And we apologize in advance for any questions you can’t hear. Also, please note: some sort of interference occurred for a few seconds around thirty minutes in that would have made you bleed from the ears, so we had to lose that short bit.

Tuffley’s 2011 Britpop playlist and his 2012 playlist are available.

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Image from the ridiculously awesome Pop Bakery.