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Kickstarter Kthursday #8: Zombie Rocks, Villainous Brew & a New Plymptoon

Pet Zombie Rock

It’s very seldom that you get a Kickstarter project that manages to tap into three of our favorite things all at once. The first is, naturally, zombies. If it’s undead and bleeds, it leads–that’s been our motto pretty much since day one. Pop culture references are a nice second. Scary retro or retro gold, either one–we’ll take it. And third is utter silliness. Admittedly, Pet Zombie Rocks might just be the silliest goddamn thing we’ve seen in quite some time.

I won’t spoil the video for you, but it’s probably fairly close to what you’re already envisioning. The end goal of this Kickstarter is to create hand-crafted, unique, painted undead rocks. No, don’t bother to read that sentence again–it will refuse to make sense. Still, this vid is worth the price of admission.

You can find that project here–and reward levels start at $20. And get you a rock. (Somebody tell Rob.)

I realize this next project is based out of Los Angeles and being an art space/microbrewery, I might never get to actually see it in action. But the concept of marrying art with beer, plus touting yourself as “a small band of misfits” and…well, just the name–Villain Brewing Company…it does make me rather pleased to know this has the opportunity to exist.

But damn, I would love to try some of the beer. (Not news: I’m a sucker for limited run stuff.)

That project can be found here…reward levels start at $1. You have to get very high before you can get near beer, though. Damn you, laws!

Bill Plympton is an animator I’ve admired since 1987 and the first time I saw “Your Face,” his Oscar-nommed short. Mostly because he’s fairly twisted. He’s turned to Kickstarter to get his seventh animated feature film, Cheatin’, completed. And really, there’s not much else to say beyond watch the vid–the end result looks like it’s going to be amazing. And you know his work even if you don’t know you know it–watching the vid and seeing his style will more than jog your memory.

You can check out the project here. Access to the finished film starts at $10.