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Music Monday: Jukebox the Ghost, Sillyboy, The 1975 & More…

Jukebox the Ghost

More music picks for your Monday. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

First up, yet another song that I have no idea how I first ran across it: it’s “Don’t Let Me Fall Behind,” by Jukebox the Ghost. They’re a trio out of Brooklyn that, if Wikipedia is to be believed (and why not, for it’s always right), got their names by combining bits from Captain Beefheart and Nabokov. That just makes one’s head ache. After the break, they’re performing the song live at WFUV from last September. It’s a little raw but it gets the point across. It’s tasty. This is from their album Safe Travels and the MP3 version’s currently only $5. (Amazon: CD; MP3; Vinyl.)


Next up, it’s the Greek artist Sillyboy. I can’t quite say why this track, “Coast to Coast,” appeals to me as much as it does, since you have to sort of listen really, really hard to hear what the hell’s being sung. (Lyrics, along with the rest of the Nature of Things album streaming, can be found here.) I think it’s just the slow, relentless semi-drone nature of the track that works for my messed up head. Enjoy. (Amazon: MP3.)

Rob pokes his head in the door and hurls the following track at you: a selection from their EP, Facedown, it’s The 1975 and the track is “Antichrist.” He says, “The 1975 hail from Manchester and that’s important to know since you can hear the influences of the city’s musical history in their sound. The band takes Britpop and hacks it with a chainsaw in order to create a bang and clang indie rock that has made them the flavor of the year amongst the UK press.” That just about sums it up. (Amazon: MP3.)

I think I found Frank Turner via the magic of Spotify running a Playlist Radio against the complete 2012 run of our Volume Zero mixes. Turner kept showing up repeatedly over the course of listening and I wound up starring multiple songs–however, “Casanova Lament” is by far my favorite, because sometimes you just need a multiple near-miss love song, right? It’s off his Campfire Punkrock EP, but as an MP3, grabbing The First Three Years compliation gives you twenty-three tracks for just six bucks. So. (Amazon: MP3.)

Late to the party as always, I ran across a track that you just know I was going to gravitate towards: horns plus rockabilly means yes just about any day of the week. The Amazing Royal Crowns (although they appear to have at one point dropped and then regained the “Royal”) and “Do the Devil,” from their 1997 self-titled album. But because the music scene is like Marvel, they’ve broken up only to reform just recently. Please note: this video contains black and white seemingly retro fetish film, which while tame by today’s standards, might startle your boss. So. (Amazon: CD; MP3.)

And last but not least, a track that I again found via Spotify, having been turned on to the musical stylings of Knife Party, I found this 30+ minute mix out there streaming. Entitled “Clever Title Like Deadmau5 Would Use,” what’s not to enjoy? It mentions zombies, references internet stalking, and I can bob my head while still being able to type this. And while I can’t quite point you where you can find it to download, they do have cool stuff available for free from their site.

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  • Second the Frank Turner love- If you get a chance, check out the set he did in front of last year’s London Olympic Opening Ceremony. I think it was part of BBC’s coverage of the Opening Ceremony (as was the Cumberbatch film).