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Derelict Zine Hits Antarctica (No, Really)

Derelict Zine at Derelict Junction in McMurdo Station, Antarctica

The Need Coffee zine that was masterminded by Rox of Spazhouse and Rob Levy (listed in order of how likely they are to know a random hobo by name), Derelict, has been making the rounds ever since it was premiered at DragonCon this past September. However, just to show how small the world has gotten…it took literally years for us to get a visitor to the site from Antarctica. I checked the logs every month, hoping for somebody to show up. And finally a few years ago they did.

But now, just months after the debut of Derelict, it’s being read pretty damn near the bottom of the world…at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Indeed, up top you can see it being read at Derelict Junction, which is apparently in the middle of McMurdo. (And really, is there a more apt place to read it? Brilliant.)

Don’t believe us? More pics after the jump. Huge thanks to Ryan Murphy and the Super Tiger Team for making this zine-dream come true. When you get back, guys, we will hook you up with some coffee. Keep us posted.

Click the pics to embiggen them.

Derelict Zine at Derelict Junction in McMurdo Station, Antarctica

And the money shot…

Derelict Zine at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Oddly, not the only time Antarctica has come up on the site

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