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Music Monday: Unknown Lyric, Nabiha, The Dark Romantics & More…

Unknown Lyric

More music picks for your Monday. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

First caught a vid these guys did at TEDx in San Diego. They’re the duo Unknown Lyric, from my own backyard here in Atlanta. And the pairing of a guitar with a violin means that they have my attention: I’m a sucker for strings, as has been well documented. After the break, a live song with them.


Check them out on Facebook here. And you can find an array of their MP3s on Amazon here.

Next up, it’s Danish singer Nabiha and her single “Never Played the Bass,” from her album More Cracks, which appears to have finally gotten released stateside last year. She reminds me of another singer and I can’t put my finger exactly on who. Can anybody help me out? Anyway, moderate funk follows. (Amazon: MP3.)

As always, the rule of thumb is “New to us equals content gold,” so I feel no shame in including this video for “Another Song For Another Night” by The Dark Romantics. A decent array of rock on display here, from their 2007 album Some Midnight Kissin’. It’s like a post-therapy Cure or something. (Amazon: CD; MP3.)

Next up, a pair of tracks. First, from one of my favorite albums of last year, it’s Bad Veins and the opening track from The Mess We’ve Made, “Don’t Run.” Again, you’ll notice the presence of strings. I said I was an addict; I never said it was a problem. Strings in a pop song always suck me in, what can I say? They’re a duo based out of Cincinnati and make a lot of noise for two people–and head burrito Ben Davis orchestrates everything in the background. Nice. (Amazon: CD; MP3.)

Also, the latest album from Manchester trio, DelphicCollections–is apparently hitting this week across the pond and will only be available next week here…as an import. Bloody hell. Anyway, keep an eye out for a better deal. At just past ninety seconds in, the vocals have me hooked. This is the opening track, “Of the Young.”

And lastly, it’s Kilo Kish and her latest release from her Soundcloud page, “Creepwave.” Is it just me, or did somebody steal Martina Topley-Bird‘s DNA and grow a younger version of her? Note: this is not a bad thing.

Unknown Lyric image.