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Threadless: One Day Left for $10 Sale, Feeding Frenzy Continues

I Hate Vegans by Aaron Jay from Threadless

We’ve been remiss in posting about Threadless sales…but either the sale would kick in and we couldn’t find a ton of inspiring shirts at the moment we looked or something else was distracting us, like we were trying to keep from being ejected out of an airlock or something. (Long story.) Anyway, there is still time to snag $10 tees in this particular sale, as it ends tomorrow at 5pm CT. And they have piled on the shirts, so there’s still a bunch worth snagging. And shirts, especially $10 ones, make handy things to bank in your gift closet for the right person and occasion. Plus: they have a HOLYSHIP code which, when used in conjunction with $25 worth of $10 shirts (yes, do the math yourself–and also $50 for international orders), gets you free shipping. Nice.

Anyway, some quick pointers to shirts of note. Obviously, the new “I Hate Vegans” protest shirt, designed by Aaron Jay, makes us very happy. I think it’s the indignant carrot front and center that does it for me. And maybe also because said carrot puts me in mind of a classic song, placed below the break for your convenience…


Defender of the Sky by Joe Van Wetering and Phil Tseng from Threadless Birth of a Legend by Jakub Gruber from Threadless

So that being shared, some others: if carnivores would be drawn to the above, then lovers of Corgis (the dogs, not the toy cars) should check out “Defenders of the Sky” by Joe Van Wetering and Phil Tseng. It’s sort of like the answer to the long pondered question: “What if Sky Captain had been conceived by the creators of Benji?” And also “Birth of a Legend” by Jakub Gruber, which…well, the picture says it all, really. Although if somebody wanted to pitch that as the prequel to the movie Legend, I would not be sad.

Also, they sometimes extend sales…but the people at Threadless are insane. So go now while the going is good. Tell them we said hi.