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Ice Cream For Breakfast – There’s Milk In It, So It’s A Lot Like Cereal

High Road Craft Caffeine and Cacao Ice Cream

Well, somebody somewhere has declared the first Saturday in February as Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. And using the Cosby Formula for Breakfast Nutrition, we do see that there’s cream (which you can pour on fruit) and milk (which you can drink solo or pour on cereal). And some ice cream even has fruit in it! And hey, some ice cream has bits of stuff in it, like cookies and such…and bits of cake. And really, pancakes are cakes. It’s in the name. And muffins are just cupcakes with no icing. And hey, some ice cream even is coffee-based (see pic). So, really, it’s part of your balanced breakfast. Enjoy the madness. And especially the sugar.

And to give you some ideas, here’s some of my favorite ice cream-related adventures from the archives, for your dancing and dining pleasure:

  • The recent and apparently hard-to-find limited edition Ben & Jerry’s Cannoli Ice Cream
  • Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry’s
  • Caffeine & Cacao Ice Cream from High Road (pictured)
  • My interview with Chief Keith of High Road
  • The Sam Adams Octoberfest Milkshake Adventure