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Montana Zombie Apocalypse Retracted, Blamed on “Hackers”

Hannah Montana: Zombie High
The weirdest things pop up when you Google image search for 'Montana' and 'zombie'...

Well, as we often say, if it’s undead and bleeds, it leads. So here we go. A station in Montana interrupted their daytime television mayhem to announce that the zombie apocalypse had begun. Obviously, the local and/or federal authorities managed to put a lid on the whole thing because the entire matter has apparently been hushed up. Here’s the “retraction” from the TV station.

Someone was nice enough to snag the video for posterity after the break…

On one hand, broadcasting fake emergencies is Not Cool. On the other hand, well, somebody finally topped hacking one of those light-up highway construction signs.

And on the third hand…did the voice in that video remind you of anything…?