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The Sound Board #33: A Total Collapse-Into-a-White-Dwarf of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Choir of the Damned

This podcast generally covers music and other transgressions. This month’s episode is tolerated by Prof. Tuffley and Dr. Rob Levy with Widgett hitting speed bumps way, way too hard.

This episode’s central topic is: oh shit, it’s Valentine’s Day once more. We give you an update on our latest and favorite Anti-Valentine’s Day tracks. Also: the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles; the loss of Donald Byrd and Reg Presley; the return of My Bloody Valentine; The Isle of Wight festival shows that the world may be ending; Parlophone is an ex-parrot; and last minute, horribly wrong Grammy predictions.


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  • Another wonderful podcast. I really like the “what if ” scenario for The Beatles. Only true music fans would spin it forward like you gentlemen.