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Music Tuesday: Savages, Foxy Shazam, Garbage & More…


More music picks for your Tuesday. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

First up we have Savages, coming up after the jump with a variation on their opening track from Silence Yourself: “Shut Up.” It has what is probably my favorite opening monologue since Timothy Leary’s extended sample on the live Salival version of Tool’s “Third Eye.” Their album hits this week and it’s caffeinated rock with a medium grind. We like it. (Amazon: CD; MP3; Vinyl.)


Somehow I’ve missed this band until very recently. This is Foxy Shazam. And the music video for “I Like It” from their most recent album, The Church of Rock and Roll. And…there are no words. Well. Except that Meat Loaf and Queen had a bastard child, who was hidden, working at a blacksmith in King’s Landing until rescued and then he formed a band of glam freedom fighters. But yeah, no words. (Amazon: CD; MP3; Vinyl.)

To the disappointment of many, the Japanese edition of Garbage‘s Not Your Kind of People had this track–“Love Like Suicide”–as a bonus. We didn’t get it stateside. We finally got it stateside…but only on the Record Store Day 2013 vinyl “Because the Night” that Garbage shared with Screaming Females. So there’s still some disappointment for those who don’t feel like entering into the Vinyl Collectors’ Thunderdome that is Record Store Day. But hey, it’s on YouTube. So. (Amazon: Vinyl.) Update: It’s apparently available via iTunes. Excellent.

VP Records is looking ahead to Mother’s Day, and thus they put forward the track “Mama’s Song” from Romain Virgo. And hey, what better than reggae to provide a non-Velveeta track dedicated to the moms? Remember: be good to your mother–she had multiple chances to drown you as a child–and didn’t. So. Anyway, this track is from Virgo’s The System. (Amazon: CD; MP3.)

While we’re on the subject of solid reggae, here’s a remix of Tafari‘s “Money in My Pocket,” which features Beenie Man and Big Youth. The upcoming album in question is Rud3 Lov3, but there’s a “Money” Remix EP that’s available right now. The single itself is good, yes, but this remix really does it for me. Enjoy.

And still in the reggae genre apparently, the utter mental style mashup that is “Good Good Girl” from Mavado & Chino. Reggae meets doo wop meets dancehall in a badass musical gumbo. It’s from Labwork Vol. 3, the latest compilation from Di Genius, due out next month from Di Genius Records & VPAL Music.

The press release tells us that The Koo Koos, out of Sweden, describe themselves as “one sugar chocked Hello Kitty, one My Little Pony with manufacturing defectives and one Sleeping Beauty waking up on the wrong side.” How they don’t have an animated show, I have no idea. Regardless, on May 18th, their first album, Love and Pain will hit. Amazon won’t, for some reason, let you pre-order MP3 albums…so just watch this space. Here’s the title track…which you can download directly from the Soundcloud widget (one T) thingy.

Again, catching up on last year’s music, I ran across The Uprising by Foreign Beggars. And again, it’s this remix–the “12th Planet Martian Trapstep Remix”–of “Flying to Mars” featuring Donae’o that I like even better than the original. I remember trapstep when it was still called pastepotstep. Anyway, enjoy this. Oddly, there’s no expanded edition of the album available on Amazon that has this remix–there’s just the original album–nor one of those snazzy single/EP things. So not sure. Regardless…