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Music Whenever: Roadkill Ghost Choir, Alkaline Trio, Abigail Washburn & More…

Roadkill Ghost Choir

More music picks for your week. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

First up, Florida’s Roadkill Ghost Choir, recorded live at Grooveshark performing “Bird in My Window.” Their EP, Quiet Light, re-hits on July 9th via WolfBomb. The original version is here via Amazon and the new improved version will have a new sixth song on it.

Any song that sounds like it could have sprung from one of Sam Kinison’s routines is okay in my book. This is the opening track from Alkaline Trio‘s My Shame is True, which hit back in March. Oddly, there’s a deluxe version with four extra tracks–and it doesn’t appear to be available as anything but an MP3 release as opposed to the CD/MP3 combo. Or if you want to get really crazy, there’s a CD/LP/MP3 combo. The track is “She Lied to the FBI.”

My musical knowledge is in a constant state of catchup, as we’ve explored here before. Thus I’m only now coming across Lady Banjo Abigail Washburn (who happens to be married to Lord Banjo Bela Fleck, natch). (This via me finding a 2011 WOMAD performance–again, always trying to catch up.) Her album, City of Refuge, had the fantastic track “Bring Me My Queen.” And here she is, performing it live at 2011’s Bonnaroo. (Amazon: CD/MP3; MP3; Vinyl/MP3.)

What you need to know about the song “Brick x Brick” from Christopher Paul Stelling is that it’s from the album False Cities. What you need to know about the music video is that Stelling appears to be trying to light his guitar on fire with just his bare hands. (Amazon: CD; MP3.)

The trouble with Marika Hackman‘s “Bath is Black” is that it’s a gorgeous track and there’s at least two really great live “on location” version of it, just her and her guitar. But here’s a protip: if you’re going to set that up for your singer…then at least mic her. Not her fault–she sounds amazing but the guitar just drowns her out a bit and the words are hard to make out. This song deserves better than that. But it’s okay, a music video will do in a pinch. The track is from That Iron Taste which hit back in February. (Amazon: MP3.)

Next, we have the new single from Trentemøller: “Never Stop Running.” The track is from his album, Lost, due out later this year and it features Jonny Pierce of The Drums. (Amazon: MP3.)

From Brooklyn we get Dawn of Midi, and admittedly, this track “Nix,” from their second album Dysnomia, seems like it wants to repeat itself until you go mad and defenestrate your cat. But sometimes I just need something to drone-groove in the background to distract the bits of my brain that wish to do my productivity harm. The album hits in August.

And lastly, the track “I Love You” from Electric Sound of Summer–the band is Füxa. The album was out last year (I believe) but this single has been released as a joint single with Cheval Sombre. Also, the CD version is pricey…so stick with the MP3.