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Music Whenever: Little Comets, Boston Boys, The 1975 & More…

Little Comets

More music picks for your whenever-you-damn-well-need-them. If you like what you hear, use the links provided to snag it for yourself from Amazon. Doing so through us gives us kickbacks, and those help pay for stuff like more bandwidth. And also so we can buy more music.

First up: Little Comets, out of the UK, have their album Life is Elsewhere, which was released last month. The track in question is “Woman Woman,” with an acoustic video. First thought: the lead singer looks so pained. They’re on tour in October in the States–someone buy that man a drink. Please. Second thought: the jogger who runs past at over a minute in: he’s an MVP. For more info, their official site. (Amazon: CD; MP3; Vinyl / Spotify.)


The Boston Boys, out of, well, Boston, and a live one-take video for “Amelia,” which is very tasty. I’m always a sucker for anything with strings. It’s from their EP, Keep You Satisfied, due out October 8th. Find it at their Bandcamp site.

The 1975‘s self-titled album has finally hit and it’s solid as hell. We’ve mentioned them before. Here they are with a BBC Live Lounge edition of “Sex.” Note: the MP3 bundle on Amazon is cheapest, but for just $2.50 more or so, you can get the CD as well. Bear it in mind. Their official site can be found here. (Amazon: CD/MP3; MP3; MP3/Vinyl / Spotify.)

Leonard Cohen had a new album out last year: Old Ideas. And it’s just as good as you might imagine: he’s lost nothing, especially the power to make you want to drink yourself into a stupor. Along those lines, my favorite track from the album has to be “Crazy to Love You.” Drink responsibly, people. And also: the CD/MP3 bundle is just a dollar more than the MP3 bundle by itself. His official site is here. (Amazon: CD/MP3, MP3; MP3/Vinyl; Spotify.)

Following that is a Live Lounge rendition of “Do I Wanna Know?”, the lead track from AM by the Arctic Monkeys. This was from an acoustic bit they did for WNYC radio…I’m assuming it was last month since that’s when the video was posted. That entire album is exactly what I wanted from a new Monkeys release, so I am pleased. It officially hits in mere hours. And they are hitting my neighborhood in a few weeks–check their official site for other tour dates and such. (Amazon: CD/MP3, MP3/Vinyl.)

George Barnett garnered a lot of attention for making a cover video of “Get Lucky” that actually stood out from the other 14,516 videos of the same type. This track, “Apocolade,” from his album 17 Days not only contains copious amounts of strings and horns, but it was also created by somebody very, very young. So this might make you want to drink even more than the Cohen track. You’ve been warned. He’s currently touring the hell out of the UK–dates and more on his official site. (Amazon: MP3; Spotify.)

Another album from last year I’ve just stumbled upon: Motherland by Apollo Cobra, a somewhat synthy-rock trio whose entire album pleases. However, here’s the title track for your dancing and dining pleasure. The cheapest place to snag it is their very own Bandcamp site. So enjoy.

From The Internet‘s second album, Feel Good, due out September 24th from Odd Future, here is the absolutely ridiculously smooth “Partners in Crime Part Two.” It’s the sort of stuff I could probably actually successfully meditate to. I need their whole album and perhaps I can try for nirvana. Check back for my results. And in the meantime, their official site is here.