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Rufus Hound on Life, Spasms of Joy & Facial Hair

Rufus Hound points
This man is going to beep your nose.

To help you through the Monday Blues, here’s your friend and ours, Rufus Hound. Star of stage and screen, Doctor Who aficionado and blow job advocate, here he appears in a 2009 episode of Argumental, the debate improv comedy show. This iteration of the show was hosted by John Sergeant, and the opposing team captain to Hound was Marcus Brigstocke.

My favorite thing about Mr. Hound is this: have you ever played a sit down arcade racing game and decided to explore what happens if you veer right through the hedgerows and see if there’s a shortcut or some wild hidden off-track area? Hound often does that with improv comedy shows. Enjoy.


Rufus can be found on Twitter here. His blog is here. His stuff doesn’t appear to be for sale this side of the pond (alas), but you can find him on Amazon UK here. But stay away from this
–it’s very disturbing.

Image via Universal Genius.