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32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 21: Invisible Invaders!

Invisible Invaders

For this evening, we set off with a pair of silent horror films from the dawn of cinema. The first is from frequent 32 Days filmmaker, Georges Méliès. It’s The Infernal Cauldron. Its title stateside was, apparently, The Infernal Caldron and the Phantasmal Vapors, a trend of making sure you spell out what’s going on for American audiences that’s continued through the Harry Potter series. Yes, the film is less than two minutes long. But it’s from 1903, so what do you want?

Next, another silent short, this one from 1907 and the Spanish director, Segundo de Chomón. It’s The Red Spectre, and there’s a character I’d like to see someone cosplay. Seriously.

Finally, we move ahead to 1959 and Invisible Invaders, where alien forces can animate the bodies of the dead or be invisible to us. They offer us the chance to surrender, or else they’ll perform their tricks worldwide and smack us around a bit. Sporting of them to warn us first. Edward L. Cahn also directed It! The Terror from Beyond Space and the film stars John Agar (The Mole People) and John Carradine. Enjoy this madness.