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32 Days of Halloween IX, Day 20: Count Yorga… Vampire!

Count Yorga Vampire

For tonight’s opener, I feel like we haven’t had enough Edgar Allan Poe this year. Of course, you can’t really get enough of the guy. Nor can you get enough of Vincent Price. So here’s two great tastes that taste great together: Price reading Poe’s “Ligeia.”

And for tonight’s feature presentation, we go to the answer to the question “What if Dracula had been written in the 1970s and not well?” That’s right, it’s Count Yorga, Vampire. Robert Quarry (Madhouse) plays the title character on a journey that takes us through undead voyeurism, supernaturally devilish upkeep of local roads and the fact that vampirism apparently gives you terrible–and I’m talking terrible–munchies. Enjoy.