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Sandman’s Three Gs: Gaiman, Gordon-Levitt & Goyer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morpheus from Sandman

So, as had it, “Joseph Gordon-Levitt to direct and star in Sandman movie, possibly the first in a multi-film franchise.” Granted, JGL clarified later on that he was only on board (for the moment) as a producer. David S. Goyer is, of course, also attached to produce.

As long-time followers of the Sandman film adaptation debacle will recall: this film has been stuck in development hell for over a decade and a half–and thankfully so. The most recently discussed draft had capes and superhero-esque origins and all kinds of foolishness. So thankfully, this iteration looks basically exactly like I said it would need to look, in order to get me interested: it looks like they’ve erased literally all of the film script work done on it, to this point, and started over from scratch. And I’m okay with that.

Also, I love how WB/DC Entertainment basically attaches Goyer to every hundred SpookyDark Thingsâ„¢ they attempt, and then follow through on like, Two of them. WHERE’S MY 100 Bullets and Hellblazer Series, GOYER/DCE/WB/SHOWTIME!? GIVE TO ZIM!

Anyway, I hope this actually pans out, and I have a bit more faith that it will, especially now that Neil has the clout to make serious requests/demands on the shape of the thing. But even still, it’s been almost twenty years since this process started, so I’ll believe it when I literally see it. I suggest you adopt the same sort of stance for the sake of your own sanity.


  • For a long time, I maintained that Tarsem should direct this. However, his most recent forays have left me doubting that severely.

    Instead now I put forward Yoann Lemoine aka Woodkid. I think he should direct it.