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Coffee, Your Best Friend When it Comes to Project Crunch Time

Charybdis Crab

Greetings, programs. I’ve been meaning to get an update posted but something has been kicking my arse. More on that in a moment.

First up, unfortunately I believe the Captain America: Winter Soldier Wayhomer that I did shoot is unusable. As testament to why I need a different car mount (see my Thor: Dark World review for that fun), the damn thing fell and, while I tried to carry on as best I could, between that and the parking garage I was trying to find my way out of, I was thrown–and the result is neither entertaining nor informative. I may eventually do something with the footage or may be able to work it into a cohesive review, but that will take time. We’ll see. Sorry about that. But I hope to have some news on the Wayhomer front in general shortly.

Secondly, updates have been few and far between because I’ve been head down working on a secret project that, unfortunately, I can’t really say much about at the moment. However, I do like Uncle Warren’s penchant for at least giving such things a code name (“You hear that? We usin’ code names”) so they can be discussed without referring to them as “That Thing” or “You Know, That Thing” or some such. So I’ve decided to call this Project Charybdis, simply because that word is a lot of fun to say. I will divulge all at my first opportunity. But right now, I’m on deadline, so forgive me if it’s somewhat quiet here for a little bit.

Thirdly, that crab is of the charybdis genus and I needed an image for this post. And you’d think for a monster/whirlpool from mythology, there’d be a lot more post-friendly images out there of the proper noun Charybdis. And that, my friends, is a textbook example of a Geek World Problem.