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Isabella Rossellini Is One Hot Mamma

Mammas - Toad
Isabella Rossellini - Large and In Charge

It was bound to happen. Isabella Rossellini, making so many web series about animal sex, has finally made a web series about the consequences of all that animal shagging: getting pregnant and having babies. As the Sundance Channel website describes the series:

Featuring fantastical costumes and weirdly delightful enactments, the actress writes, directs and slips into the role of animal mothers, examining the different ways their maternal instinct is put into action in nature.

A lot of people are going to think Mammas is boring, especially compared to the kinky depraved variety of animal sexuality featured in her previous series. But those people just don’t know Isabella. She amuses, surprises, and even shocks, but never disappoints. With her characteristic whimsy, she depicts acts of deceit, child abandonment, cannibalism–and more–all in the name of the children.

Why don’t I let Isabella explain her exploration of the so-called maternal instinct in her own beautifully accented words

And here is a “appetizer” of the series for you to enjoy

This series is a great reality check to those who think their mom is a crazy delusional bitch. While she might very well be a crazy delusional bitch, at least she didn’t eat you at birth. So be sure to thank her for that this weekend. Happy Mother’s day!