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32 Days of Halloween Part VIII, Day 9: Berenice and The Conqueror Worm!

Berenice by Nelson Evergreen

For today’s kickoff, let’s go to the best Edgar Allan Poe spoken word album that is, for some bizarre goddamn unknown reason, still out of print. That would be Closed on Account of Rabies, which features some amazing performances of Poe’s work. Our lead-in is voice-over god Ken Nordine’s take on “The Conqueror Worm.” You probably recognize his voice. Don’t panic. It happens.

And then we go to one of Poe’s stories that has puzzled me the most. Yes, even more than “Manuscript Found in a Bottle.” I’m talking about “Berenice.” And I’ve gotten fixated on a lot of things in my time. Some weirder than others, admittedly. Lea Thompson in the 80s? Totally understandable. The movie MegaForce? I mean, sure, flying motorcycles that fire rockets…but that can only explain so much. But still, the notion of odontophilia is never something I’ve been able to relate to despite all of this. But here, Dr. John reads the hell out of it. Enjoy.

The art was found among Nelson Evergreen’s pages from an adaptation of “Berenice” for Graphic Classics. Pretty fantastic stuff there. Find more of it on his blog.