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Black Phoenix Amuses With Prank Perfumes

Black Phoenix Alchemy Prank Cat

How’s your year been? Hopefully better than 2016. I have several friends who were quite glad when January 1, 2017 arrived. Of course, now everyone I know is getting PTSD from the news and physically jump when they get a notification from CNN or BBC on their phone. There is a metric fuckton of anger out there, mostly justified to be sure. Mostly everyone is channeling their anger into town halls, protests, and of course Facebook posts. No one can live by outrage alone… well maybe a certain President. Self-care is the latest trending term. Take a moment, smell a flower, watch some comedy shows, just avoid politics for a bit before you return to fight the good fight. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, as always, is there to help. They have made a perfume line inspired by the old fashioned practical joke devices. So let’s see what humorous offerings they have with PRANK.

There are some lovely simple light scents to delight during the summer. This corresponds with the simplistic gags that were the inspiration. Squirting Boutonniere is just that, a fake flower that squirts water (or whatever liquid you can get away with) into people’s faces as they try to smell it. The scent is almost literal: a pink rose scent with the aquatic cucumber and water lily. The Joy Buzzer is a venerable gag that simulates getting shocked since battery technology wasn’t as advanced as it is now. This feeling is also simulated with silvered honey and champagne grape leaving a sharp tang but without the ozone. The Snake Can is a mix of BPAL mega hit Snake Oil with a hint of nuts to fool you into thinking you’re getting a tasty treat instead of a long wire spring covered by a vinyl sheath in your face.

Of course, some of the scents are a bit more abstract. Chattering Teeth is more about the color of the teeth, red and white, with the scent of cherry and vanilla. Rubber Poop is also inspired more by its color, fortunately. It’s actually a nice scent of chocolate, caramel, cacao bean and tonka. The Whoopie Cushion is partly inspired by color. The raspberry and orange blossom comes from the balloon itself. The patchouli and red musk are probably reference the product the balloon is suppose to release. Like any good joke, this line doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. It’s gone on June 15th so grab some humorous perfume today lest the joke be on you…